Thursday, October 2, 2014

This House Is Amazing

If I ever own a house, I hope I can be half as cool as these people:

That's not even a real house. It's just a facade outside of a real house. Take a closer look.

You can see the top of their one-story house through the front entrance. Amazing, right? I was hanging out with a friend over Labor Day weekend and she said I must see this cool haunted house in her Glendale neighborhood. I didn't realize it was gonna be this awesome! Apparently this couple builds a Halloween display every year, and from what I can tell, it just gets better every time. Check out their Hollywood Haunter website for more awesome pics.

For real, I want to be best friends with these people. Their yard displays are insane.


Richard S. said...

Not a bad version of Norman Bates' home!

Your fellow 2014 Cryptkeeper,
Richard @

Ladydragon Queen said...

WOW~! What an amazing set! That is most certainly some impressive haunter yard. @_@ Wish I could do a set up like that. They must have a HUGE front yard. @_@