Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Rise of the Jack O'Lanterns Recap

I went to Rise of the Jack O'Lanterns on Sunday and it was the perfect way to kick off the Halloween season. I suggest you buy tickets now because they seem to be selling out pretty fast.

Over 5,000 hand-carved pumpkins are on display at Descanso Gardens and they are insanely impressive. It takes about 45 minutes to an hour to walk the path, depending on how long you want to linger at each themed display.

My advice? Just enjoy the moment because your pictures will probably look like crap. It's hard to take pictures in the dark. Even if they turn out it just doesn't do it justice. Savor the pumpkins in all their jack o'lantern glory!

Here are the few pics I took:

My friends at the beer garden

These are made out of pumpkins, people!!!

Let's pose with this pumpkin and barrel of hay!

The gift shop

WARNING: There's a gift shop and it's adorable. Like ridiculously adorable. It's FILLED with Halloween decor and goodies and I almost spent a million dollars, but I refrained and only bought this Halloween pasta:

How cute is this? It's pasta in the shape of pumpkins! I bought some vodka sauce to go with it because it's orange. Yummm!

I am also slowly but surely making my way through the Countdown to Halloween blog list. I'm only at "H" but I have a goal to check out every blog on this list. Love my fellow Halloween bloggers!


Ladydragon Queen said...

This is so unique and awesome. I've never seen anything like this in NorCal. It's really cool. How long does this stick around for? We're going opposite of each other on the blogger list! XD I started at the end of the alphabet and working my way up. I'm on P. Really loving the fun peeks into your Halloween life. :D

Natalie D. said...

Thanks! We should meet in the middle and give a recap of the other half of the blog list. :-) The Rise of the Jack o'lanterns goes on every weekend in October. Seems like a big hit. I wouldn't be surprised if they expanded. I know they also have a version in New York.