Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Countdown to Halloween 2014

Happy October 1st! The Halloween season is upon us! Welcome, fellow Cryptkeepers! It's that time of year when us Halloween lovers spend the month of October blogging about Halloween. Okay, so most of us are probably doing that all year long, but October is when it's official. Check out Countdown to Halloween to see the complete list of amazing Halloween bloggers!

Just to give you a recap on the past few months, I've mostly been yammering on about Ghostbusters, Scare L.A., other goings-on around Los Angeles and, of course, costume planning. You guys, my Halloween costume is almost complete. I can't even believe it. I've never had a costume finished this early. I have been insanely organized this Halloween season. More costume pics and posts to come!

I'll keep this post short and sweet, and leave you with my Halloween season to-do list. Yes, I made a list this year, some of which I've already accomplished. Apologies for the shitty MS Paint job.

Image courtesy of Kittisak at

I can't wait to read all of your blogs this month! Halloween, yeah!!!!!


Sarah E. Jahier said...

What a great list! A lot of those are also on my autumn bucket list. Have fun, and can't wait to see what your costume turns out to be!

Natalie D. said...

Thanks, Sarah! I just checked out your autumn bucket list. I LOVE it.