Saturday, October 11, 2014

Candy Corn Cordials

Some of you may remember my Halloween cocktail disaster of 2013:

I found a new Halloween cocktail this year from the Food Network Kitchen. Candy Corn Cordials. Looks adorable, right?

Photo by Levi Brown/Food Network Kitchen

Here's the recipe:

I made some slight modifications. I couldn't find orange liqueur at the store so I used orange juice. And I'm too lazy to separate an egg so I just bought egg whites in a carton.

My ingredients

The recipe says to infuse the vodka and candy corn for at least three hours, so I left it in there for a good 10 hours. The result?

The vodka becomes very orange. It surprisingly didn't change the taste of the vodka all that much. There was just a hint of sweetness. The candy corn starts to disintegrate, which is why straining it is helpful.


Here was my first try:

Not as frothy as the picture from the recipe. But there was some froth in the shaker so I took a spoon and placed the frothy part into the martini glass. I also thought it would look cool just to have the yellow parts of the candy corn for garnish, but it ended up looking like real kernels of corn. So I tossed some full candy corn into the next one.


Not bad, eh? Looks damn near like the original. A Pinterest win! Here's a side by side comparison:

I was honestly prepared for this to taste really gross, but it was pretty good! Tasted like a creamsicle, but not too sweet. The only bad part is the frothiness on top is obviously from the egg whites, so you kinda get a whiff of egg when you take a sip. If I do this again I'm just gonna use whipped cream or something instead.

All in all, I was very pleased with myself! A Halloween cocktail success!

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