Sunday, September 7, 2014

Labor Day Weekend Halloweening

Well, Ghostbusters was a bust. All my friends bailed/couldn't make it/didn't want to go. Lame. I ended up going to the theater by myself like a true GB fan.

All by myseeeellllffff!

It kinda felt like this...

I'm hoping my dedication will score me some points with the Great Pumpkin. Also, you know what I noticed about Ghostbusters? There are so many daytime hauntings. Seriously, about 75% of that movie takes place during the day. Who knew ghosts loved the daytime so much?

I happened to be house sitting in Burbank that weekend, so of course I had to stop by...

Halloween Town!

I freakin' love this place, and it's been way too long since I stopped by. If you ever want some Halloween inspiration, swing by Halloween Town. No, it's not like those pop-up Halloween stores that show up in October. It's open year round and it's amazing. It feels like you're inside a haunted mansion. Go now!

Bought me some pumpkin stickers and I'm clearly excited about it.

After dragging my friend Kelly to Halloween Town, she took me to see this awesome haunted house in her neighborhood. I was not prepared for the amount of awesomeness these people put into decorating their house. I'm not allowed to post pics till after Sept 15th due to some contest they are in, but trust me, it's rad.

I have a billion more things to write about--costume updates, Halloween to do lists, presents in the mail! But I'm fading and will have to write more later. Nighty night.