Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Halfway to Halloween

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The other day I logged onto Facebook, and Spirit Halloween alerted me that we are HALFWAY TO HALLOWEEN! My happiness levels rose exponentially. Less than six months away! Yes!!! I can't even begin to tell you how happy this makes me. My favorite time of year is May through October--the best six months ever! Summertime and Halloween! Okay, I'll quit it with all the exclamation marks. My point is I got Halloween on the brain and I can't stop thinking about it.

Halloween is on a freakin' Friday this year, too. So much to plan. I've got a few costume ideas floating around in my mind, but there is one in particular I'm getting excited about. Too early to commit, of course. I prefer waiting till midsummer to do that. This will definitely be a challenge to put together, which I'm excited about, but it also makes me nervous. It has potential to look like a failed grade school art project if I'm not careful. Gotta give myself time to practice a few different approaches. Are you getting curious???

I actually had a Halloween costume nightmare last night. I dreamed that I was at a Halloween party and I was about to put on my costume when I realized I hated it. I had asked my friend Carolina to make me a Peter Pan costume. She did a great job, but I took one final look at it and thought, 'Why the f--- did I decide to be Peter Pan for Halloween?' It was so unoriginal and so not me. On top of that I forgot to get a wig and shoes. I didn't even want to show my face at the party. It was a true Halloween disaster. Thank God it was just a dream.

Wow, I sound like a crazy person.

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