Friday, February 21, 2014

February Meditation Challenge - Day 21

My dog, meditating next to me
Wow! Three weeks! I've managed to meditate every morning so far. One more week to go. I have to say, I think I will keep up the habit even after the month is over. I'm starting to like the effects it's having on me. I've noticed myself spending more time in the present moment. For example, I went to see a movie the other day with a friend and I found my thoughts wandering all over the place, thinking about the future or things I needed to get at the grocery store, etc. I reminded myself to come back to the present moment and enjoy my time in the theater, watching a movie, eating popcorn, spending time with a friend. It was much more pleasant than thinking about random future events.

I also find myself choosing acceptance more often, instead of ruminating on feelings or events I don't like. The people who create these guided meditations are constantly talking about coming back to the present moment, while still accepting our thoughts and feelings. I think it just seeps into my brain after listening to it every morning, so now it's becoming more of a habit. It's like healthy brainwashing. Yay for building helpful habits!

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Happy Meditating!

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Chris Constable said...

Many medical studies have actually shown that the benefits we get from mindfulness actually come not from the classic "clear your mind and focus on nothing" kind of meditation, but rather from the mind being distracted and being brought back to a point of focus. It's one of the things my meditation teacher told me that helped me get over the idea that I was 'failing' at meditation. It is in failure that we actually gain the benefits and succeed.