Monday, January 13, 2014

A Little Halloween Joy

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Contrary to popular belief, I don't think about Halloween year round. Even though I refer to November 1st as the saddest day of the year, my brain actually needs a respite from all that Halloweening. Usually a good two or three months will go by before something comes along to get me excited for Halloween again.

That time is now!

I was milling around on Pinterest the other day (procrastinating, as usual) when I saw something that inspired a costume idea. Then I got SUPER excited about this potential Halloween costume idea. Like ridiculously excited. It's still too early to commit to a costume now, so I won't reveal this idea just yet, but it did get me incredibly pumped for Halloween. AND Halloween is on a Friday this year, which makes it doubly awesome! I'm telling you, when Halloween is on a Friday or Saturday the general public gets way more excited about it, and that just adds to the Halloween spirit. And we need that collective Halloween spirit to help make the Great Pumpkin's sleigh fly. Or something.

If that wasn't exciting enough, I got an email from Scare L.A. announcing this year's dates for the Halloween convention (August 9th and 10th). I may even volunteer this year. So stoked already!

THEN yesterday morning when I walked my dog, I discovered my neighborhood covered in a thick layer of fog. I'm kicking myself for not taking a picture now. It was so spooky and wonderful. Very Halloween-y. While the polar vortex has the rest of the country covered in snow, California has remained very sunny, so yesterday's misty morning was an unexpected surprise.

Now I'm just going through all my Halloween Pinterest boards and working out my 2014 Halloween budget. Nothing like a little Halloween joy to break up the January blues. Do you like my new countdown clock?! 290 days!!

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