Sunday, November 24, 2013

Halloween Recap

Since the theme of my blog is procrastination, it's totally fine that I'm doing my Halloween recap at the end of November, right? Right? Ugh, you guys, I am the worst! Apologies to my fellow Cryptkeepers. Once summer rolls around, Halloween is all I can talk/write about for months. Then October comes and I'm so wrapped up in costume-making and Halloween-ing that I lose track of time and don't write anything about it. Gah!

My Vicki costume turned out amazing! I'm super ridiculously thankful to my friend Carolina for making my dress. It was perfection. And I'm also super proud of my own robot-making skills. The panel was a hit! Blinking lights and everything!

Are you interested in having a custom-made costume next year? Contact Costumes by Carolina for more info. Now taking orders for Halloween 2014! The business is in the early stages, so we can still swing you a sweet deal. Custom-made costumes are the best!

Here are more fun Halloween pics:

Making robot parts

I love robot parts!

The final product

The blinking LED lights added extra awesomeness

More costumes by Carolina (she's the ghost)

A happy Halloween girl! And a severed head.

All in all, I had a very happy Halloween. Costumes, candy, parties, Halloween cheer--I had it all. I'm already brainstorming costumes for next year...

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