Friday, October 11, 2013

My Halloween Playlist

I freakin' love my Spotify Halloween playlist. I hope this gets you into the Halloween spirit if you're not already there. I usually only play the first three songs if I'm hosting some sort of Halloween pre-party and want to set a spooky mood. All the rest are songs I listen to at work almost every day in October (and sometimes September). Enjoy!

NOTE: There's a hidden scroll bar on the left. Took me a second to find it.

What's on your Halloween playlist? I'm always looking for new songs to add.


Caffeinated Joe said...

Good golly, I have a Halloween playlist in my iTunes that has 205 songs on it! I could like them all, but you wouldn't appreciate a comment that big! LOL

Mark Harvey said...

Rain Station's "DARK RIDE" CD is always on my playlist...but I have reasons for that!

Richard S. said...

"Zombie Jamboree" - choose your favorite artist.

Theme from "Tales From the Crypt"

"Beware of the Blob" by The Five Blobs (the theme from the original movie)