Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Let the Halloween Miracles Begin!

Welcome, fellow Cryptkeepers! A big thanks to the folks at Countdown to Halloween for hosting another awesome Halloween blog fest. Every year they put together a list of bloggers who have committed to writing about Halloween during the month of October. Of course, most of use have been writing about Halloween all year (check out some of my September and August posts). Click here for this year's list of participants. I can't wait to read through all of these blogs! I also want to give props for the selection of Cryptkeeper badges this year. They're pretty damn cool. I chose Boo Berry, but the Franken Berry badge was a close second.

I've been blogging about Halloween since July, so I don't have too many updates for today, other than to say I'm in a bit of a Halloween costume panic! I'm going as Vicki (or V.I.C.I) from Small Wonder and I've only just started on the robot parts this week. Eeek! Thankfully, my friend Carolina is a costume-making miracle worker and has already started on the dress. I have a fitting with her tonight. Seriously, how did I get to be so lucky?

Speaking of miracles, I've decided that the Halloween season comes with it's own mini miracles (usually related to costumes for me). Last year I dressed up as Zuul from Ghostbusters, and not only did I run into a bunch of Ghostbusters at a party, but I met someone dressed as the Keymaster, too! All night long I proclaimed, "It's a Halloween miracle! It's a Halloween miracle!" A Halloween miracle indeed.

Flash forward to this summer when I decided on my Small Wonder costume. I did some Googling to see if anyone else had a good version of the costume, and stumbled across this gem:

Hands down the best Vicki costume I found. This gal set the bar really high. I tried to find out as much info as I could on how she put it together, but a lot of it was guesswork. Until one day, I discovered a comment on my Halloween Pinterest board...from the girl who made this costume!!! I was super stoked. She saw that I had pinned this picture, and she left a note about it. Next thing you know, we became email pen pals. Jaimie has been super helpful in explaining her costuming tips and tricks, which helps relieves a lot of my costume stress. It's like having a Halloween costume support line to call. Plus it's just fun to make new Halloween friends.

Let the Halloween miracles begin!



Caffeinated Joe said...

That Small Wonder costume rocks! Here's to a great month!

Natalie D. said...

Yeah, Caffeinated Joe!