Monday, August 12, 2013

ScareLA Halloween Convention - Day 2

Spooky band in the lobby
Sunday at ScareLA was also super fun. I was flying solo, and kinda tired from the previous day, so I strolled in around 11:30 for a more relaxed day at the convention. I considered it more of a shopping day. So much to see and buy!

Also, note to self: next year be prepared for some crazy, scary dreams after the convention. Saturday night I had weird lucid dreams about family members dying in car crashes. Even though I knew I was dreaming, I couldn't bring myself to look at the corpses. I also had a dream that two people were fighting at work so I ripped out my keyboard and threatened to hit them with it. That dream might be unrelated.

"Secrets of the Farm" panel
Anyhoo...I attended the "Secrets of the Farm" panel where the designers of the Knott's Scary Farm Halloween Haunt talked about the ins and outs of creating their mazes. Again, I'm not big on scary mazes because I'm usually too chicken, but I love hearing about the behind-the-scenes stuff. And I really loved that most of the designers started out as monsters in the mazes. I may need to check it out this year, just to see if I can catch some sneaky details. They said if you turn around at any point and look at the wall behind you, there will often times be something funny on there, like pictures of half naked men or something. One of the designers said he once snuck in sounds of his baby's heartbeat from his wife's ultrasound. Love those tiny details! I also love, loved, loved that one of their mazes this year will have an Edgar Allen Poe theme. Literary nerds and Halloween lovers unite!

Speaking of Poe, this guy looked awesome:

He had a booth where he was selling these cool silhouettes. And nearby there was a booth where you could have a free coffin ride! A RIDE IN A CLOSED COFFIN! SO CREEPY!

So what happens is you get into the coffin and they shut you in there, and then the coffin starts to move and shake. Off to the side is a screen where you can watch the reactions of the people inside. I was too chicken to go in, as were many others. But at some point I see that someone has agreed to go in. It's a guy and his little girl!!! She was this adorable little thing, maybe five or six years old.

And the crazy part is she was loving it! You could see on the screen that she was laughing and having a great time. Meanwhile, us adults were still too freaked out to get in. Speaking of kids, I was cracking up when this guy who was dressed up as a super scary monster walked up to another little girl (in the first coffin picture) and put his face really close to her face. She got a big grin and said, "Hi, Daddy!" Then gave him a big hug. I guess the family that Halloweens together, stays together.

Okay, I need to hurry up and finish this post. Here's a roundup of other stuff I did/heard/saw:
  • I went to a panel called, "Los Strangeles" where I learned a bunch of random creepy and fun facts about L.A. Too many to list here.
  • I met these cool people who run a tour group called L.A. Hauntings.
  • I learned about the legend of the Christmas spider.
  • I saw an adorable book and cartoon called The Halloween Kid.
  • I think the people sitting next to me at the Knott's presentation were falling in love.
  • Also at the Knott's presentation was a kid (maybe 14?) who was so adorably excited about Knott's Scary Farm that I couldn't help but smile. He told the designers he couldn't wait till he was 16 so he could work there. He could barely contain his excitement!
  • I stopped by the Costume Swap booth where I was reminded that I want to finally attend the Los Angeles Costume Swap this year. You bring old costumes and swap them for new-to-you costumes! Fantastic!
  • I totally scored this vintage 1970's Halloween makeup:

There are probably so many things I'm forgetting to write about. There was so much to see and do. I am even more pumped for Halloween now.

I was proud of myself for not spending too much money. I bought a cool ScareLA poster, and I picked up a little gift for my Mom, the lady who instilled in me an excitement for Halloween. (Dad, you'll like the gift too.)

Mom and Dad circa  Halloween 1983

I'll leave you with my Mom's funny texts from this weekend. Stay tuned for more Halloween-y posts!

From 1983 to 2013

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