Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Can't Think Of A Clever Title For This Halloween Post

This post is pretty self-indulgent (more so than usual), but I have to say that one of my favorite things about the Halloween season is when people contact me to say they saw Halloween decorations for sale at the grocery store, or they're thinking about their Halloween costume, or they found a spooky Halloween craft on Pinterest. I especially love these texts and emails when it's still August! It's the time of year when I reconnect with people the most. More than any other holiday.

Google chats like this make me happy:

Sent at 9:40 AM on Friday
Brittany:  I've started getting ads for halloween stuff
Brittany:  made me think of you 
and made me SUPER excited about fall
me:  Yay!!!
I haven't seen any ads or goods in stores yet.
Brittany:  and I've decided we need to do something this halloween
me:  I'll put you on my Halloween outing list!
Brittany:  I'm inviting myself with you hahaha
me:  Yes, yes please!
My motto is the more the merrier.
Brittany:  love it
me:  Basically what I do is map out where all the fun Halloween parties will be and create a loose plan. Usually the Saturday before Halloween (unless Halloween is on a weekend)
I love a good house party.
Brittany:  yes!
that sounds like fun
me:  I love love love going to a house party and meeting fun people with fun costumes.

Texts like this make me happy:

Notifications like this make me happy:

I'm getting so pumped! And nothing makes me happier than when other people get excited for Halloween, too. Today I'm going to a craft store to search for stuff for my costume. Let the costume-making begin!

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