Thursday, May 16, 2013

May MUNSTER Madness

This post will give you a little insight into how my brain works. Last week I was brainstorming some blog ideas for this monster blog hop. My mind kept saying that word over and over again: monster, monster, monster, monster, monster. Until it turned into the word: munster, munster, munster, munster, munster.

The Munsters! They're a fun monster family. I wonder what they're up to these days.

So I Googled them and discovered they actually have an official website. Then I saw that you can book Butch Patrick (Eddie Munster) for events, and I thought that would be great for a Halloween party.

Then I thought about that time in the 90s when Ben Stiller had his own sketch comedy show for a hot minute and one of the first episodes had a sketch where he played a grown up Eddie Munster who was pissed that his show got canceled. Remember that? Anyone? No? I was the only one watching The Ben Stiller Show? Well lucky for you I found the clip. Actually it's the full first episode, so you have to scroll to 4:40 for the Eddie Munster sketch. Click here to watch.

Okay, so it wasn't as funny as I remembered. But it's pretty funny to watch the rest of the show. I think Ben Stiller has since gotten his teeth fixed. I also don't remember all those other actors on the show--Janeane Garafalo, Andy Dick, Bob Odenkirk. That's the best part! God, I miss the 90s. Anyway, who knew you could start with "Monster" and end with "Ben Stiller's comedy show that got canceled after like 12 episodes."

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Angeline Trevena said...

Wow; you can hire Eddie Munster for your party? That would have to be the coolest party ever!

Natalie D. said...