Thursday, October 18, 2012

Halloween in the Workplace

Here's the deal. If everyone at work dresses up at the office on Halloween, it can be really fun. But there's nothing more depressing than being one of the few people who dresses up. Not because it's embarrassing, but because there's something really sad about sitting at your desk all dressed up in a costume knowing that it's not really appreciated.

Okay, this picture wasn't even taken on Halloween (long story), but it illustrates my point.

Actually the above picture was taken at an old job where my coworkers did dress up for Halloween at the office. I miss that so much! We'd eat Halloweeny treats. It felt like being a kid again!

As much as I like my current job and coworkers, not many people get into the Halloween spirit at the office. It's a bummer. Two years ago I wore a Marge Simpson wig for half a second. Last year I wore a Spiderman costume for like three seconds during the costume contest where few people participated. This year I'm not sure I want to wear any costume to work. My costume is awesome and I want to wear it places where I know it will be respected for it's awesomeness.'s my idea. Maybe I'll dress Halloweeny at work without donning a costume. Something festive. I came across this on Pinterest and I think it's awesome.

Photo from

I checked out the directions at and I think I could pull it off. Possibly. I have this pair of bright orange pants I could wear with it. Maybe wear some dark eye makeup. I also keep coming across these awesome spooky manicure ideas on Pinterest.

Trying to find the original source. This link doesn't seem to be working.

So that's my temporary plan for Halloween at the office. Even though most of my coworkers don't dress up at work, I have been doing a good job of helping them brainstorm costume ideas for non-work Halloween plans. Last week I dragged a few of them to Goodwill and Ross to scoop up some pieces for their costumes.

Come on, guys!

Yeah, let's go! Halloween rocks!

Shelli finds her costume! Ooh, it's a mystery...

Speaking of work, a bunch of artists moved seats and left a bunch of crap behind that they didn't want anymore. I scooped up this gem!

Ghostbusters movie poster

Yes, the Halloween gods are smiling down upon me.  :-)

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