Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Art of Procrastination

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Check out NPR's interview with this awesome scholar who says that being a procrastinator can be a good thing and doesn't necessarily mean you're lazy (he's a procrastinator, too). I haven't even read the book and I already feel better about myself. He mentions in the interview that many procrastinators are really perfectionists who set the bar so high for themselves that they don't bother to complete the task at hand because they know it won't be perfect.

I'm already aware that my perfectionistic tendencies lead me to procrastination ( i.e. I'm not gonna write a perfect book so I'm just gonna log onto Pinterest and look at pictures of inspirational phrases about writing), but this little interview has served as a good reminder to give myself a break. I know I joke about my procrastination problem, but the truth is I beat myself up about it. And I'm not gonna worry about it anymore. I do a lot of productive crap, so I think it's time to embrace my procrastinating awesomeness.

Anyhoo, I'll read this book and report back to you (probably maybe). I like the idea of "structured procrastination" and I want to read more about it. Hey, this guy wrote a book when he was supposed to be doing something else. Procrastination rules!

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