Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Halloween is coming!

I went to the grocery store yesterday and what did I see on the shelves? Halloween goods! Not many, but enough to make me smile and take a picture with my crappy camera phone. Of course, I've been thinking about Halloween since last month, trying to come up with a good costume. I'll reveal my decision at the end of the post.

This past year of my life has actually been consumed with working on Hotel Transylvania, so if I can slave away on an animated monster movie for a year and STILL love Halloween, this love must be real. I was kinda worried that after the movie wrapped I would never want to see anything related to spooky ghosts and monsters again. But here I am, jonesing for Halloween.

I was going to change the look of this blog to be more Halloweeny, but I'll give it another month. It is still summer after all (which I love almost as much as Halloween). I will, however, add my Cryptkeeper badge to the site (upper right corner). Every October, Countdown to Halloween provides badges to put on your blog or website. In return, you write posts about Halloween. They keep a list of all the other participants so everyone can check out each others' Halloween musings. I love it! Now for my own musings on the upcoming season...

Thrill the World

I signed up for this already! Friends, please join me. It's free. In a nutshell, you learn the Thriller dance and perform it with a big group (dressed as zombies, of course). People worldwide will do the dance at exactly the same time on the same day to beat the world record. For L.A. that date and time is Saturday October 27th at noon. Plenty of time to clean up and go to Halloween parties afterward! I actually have a longer post cookin' that might be seen on Creepy L.A.'s blog, but for now, go register for Thrill the World Los Angeles.

NPR's Cemetery Series

If you are in need of some spooky graveyard stories, check out NPR's special summer series, "Dead Stop". It's a trip across the country with interesting stories about various graveyards. Okay, it's more informative than spooky, but it's really cool!

Parties and Costumes

My most favorite part about Halloween is creating a badass costume and going to super fun parties. I'm dying to throw another party, but I'm not currently living in a party house. I'm in a small apartment at the moment, but I'm strongly considering throwing a Halloween pre-party where a small group of people can stop by my place before heading out to the real parties. This way I can still decorate and serve spooky appetizers. I'm already gathering ideas on Pinterest, which by the way, is my new favorite way to procrastinate! My God, how did I not sign up for this sooner? Do you know how many Halloween-themed boards are out there???

I'm still on the hunt for the most awesomest house party this year. So if you or anyone you know lives in a haunted mansion and are planning on throwing a party in it, please invite me and my closest friends. Thanks!

And now for the costume reveal. If you haven't already heard, I've decided to go as Dana from Ghostbusters! I love that sassy orange and gold dress, the 80s makeup and crazy possessed eyes. I can't wait to put this together. I'll have to cut my hair, of course, but it's worth it. That stuff grows back anyway. I've already watched this movie twice this summer.

If you are in need of costume ideas, please contact me! I'm available for Halloween costume consulting. Happy Almost-But-Still-Kinda-Far-Away Halloween!

Dana/Zuul Image Taken From

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