Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Halloween Hilarity

Last Sunday I attended Cinematic Titanic (aka MST3K live!) and had the best time. I was completely geeking out over Joel Hodgson and the gang. It's all the awesomeness of Myster Science Theater 3000, but live in a theater! Truly awesome. I will definitely go again next time they're doing a show.

Before the movie started they played a bunch of old wacky videos, including this Indian version of "Thriller," which I share with you now. You're welcome.

Speaking of MST3K, if you're a dude looking for a Halloween costume, I think you'd be the coolest kid in school if you went as Joel. Just gotta find a red jumpsuit.

Photo from

For more Halloween hilarity, check out this post from Buzzfeed with pictures of people getting scared at a haunted house in Canada. It's too funny.



Amanda Fay said...

Omg, LOVE Indian thriller!

Amanda Fay said...

Omg, LOVE Indian thriller!

thesunchick said...

The Indian thriller is HYSTERICAL!!!! Also, those pictures at a haunted house are classic and an awesome idea.. really funny!