Saturday, July 7, 2012

Summer Checklist

Wow! I haven't written anything since February. I can't tell if that means I've been too busy to procrastinate or if I'm so good at procrastinating that I actually procrastinated procrastinating.

So it's almost the middle of July and I haven't really participated in any of my favorite summer activities. This has made me a bit edgy. I actually had this conversation with a coworker last Monday:

Coworker: Yesterday I swam in a pool for the first time this summer. It was great.
Me: F--- you.

I quickly realized I was suffering from Lack of Summer Syndrome, aka LOSS. (I just made that up right now. Clever, eh?) Since then I did go swimming in a friend's pool. Thank God! This has kept my Tourette's from flaring up, but I'm nowhere near completing my summer checklist. This is a list I created years ago when I discovered that summer sucks as an adult...if you let it. Gone are the days of being a student when you have three glorious months off to play in the sun. As an adult, you have to make your summer happen. Or else it can easily pass you by.

I present to you my Summer Checklist (in no particular order):

1. Go to the beach.

2. Swim in a pool.

3. Go see a movie at Hollywood Forever Cemetery.
(That's my mom)

4. Eat refreshing summer treats like popsicles and ice cream.
(I can't believe I actually have a picture for this one)

5. Be kissed by the sun.
(Okay, this kind of goes along with hanging out at the beach/pool)

6. Sit by a campfire at night.

7. Watch a drive-in movie in the back of a pickup truck.
(Apparently I've never taken a photo of this, so I stole this from the internets)

8. Ride a bike.
(Didn't have a picture for this one either)

9. Take pictures with disposable underwater camera.
(and try not to look constipated)

10. Decide on a Halloween costume.

And that's it! It's always my goal to do everything on the list, but even just a few things makes for a good summer. I strongly encourage you to make your own list. Happy Summering!