Monday, January 2, 2012

Cleaning is Stupid - Part 2

My Christmas tree is staring me in the face right now, mocking me. The cleaning people came by today and the place looks great! Now we just have to organize all the crap we shoved in the closets. And put away the Christmas decorations. Ugh.

Christmas Tree - 1
Natalie - 0

Confession: part of the reason I changed the theme of this blog is because I'm secretly hoping I'll STOP procrastinating so much. I know, I know. It's ridiculous. The procrastination disease is terminal. But what the hell. If I don't stop my procrastinating ways, at least I'll get a silly blog out of it.

So here are my revised themes/goals/resolutions/whatevers for the year:

  • Make my apartment feel like a home -- I am notorious for moving into a place and never fully unpacking.
  • Feel more at peace -- I would like to learn to live in a more peaceful state of mind. Less road rage, more yoga.
  • Continue to take charge of my finances -- I've been kicking ass at paying off debts. Time to tackle savings...
  • Get in shape -- I'm tired of feeling winded when I take the stairs at work.
  • Write my novel -- I will have another blog post dedicated to this theme.

And here are my goals for the week: exercise twice for at least 30 minutes. Do some yoga. Open a savings account with the credit union at work. Write 3 pages. Pack up ornaments and take down the tree. Wish me luck!

I feel like I should now encourage my readers (all seven of you) to pick a goal for the week as well. So this is me encouraging you.

ps. I wanna take some pictures of me in a space suit and use that as the background for my Procrastonaut blog. Ooh, and I just realized I know someone who has one! This year is off to a great start already.


Carolina said...

I could always photoshop your face onto an astronaut suit! My goal of the week: aside from not feeling too guilty most of my goals are not quite materializing at all- find 2-3 days to get some type of excercise.

Natalie D. said...

I would love for you to use your amazing photoshop skills to put me in an astronaut suit!