Sunday, January 29, 2012

Procrastination Activities

I am juggling many procrastination activities, and it's only fair that I share them with you, because there's nothing worse than looking for a way to procrastinate and coming up with nothing. I will number them as I go along so I can compose a complete list of my favorite procrastination activities (and that in itself will be a great way to procrastinate). God, I am a genius sometimes.

The first one was already mentioned in the previous blog post, but I will mention again:

1. Watch season 1 of Portlandia on Netflix. Hilarious!

2. Read The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. I cannot put this book down. I seriously can't. I keep saying, "Just one more page. Just one more paragraph." My boyfriend says I remind him of a crack addict looking for one last fix. If you don't like reading (which is hard to wrap my mind around, but I know you're out there), watch the movie instead.

3. Watch all the movies nominated for Best Picture this year. Every year I say I'm gonna watch all the movies nominated for Best Picture, and every year I fail (even when there were only five movies on the list). Here is the list for this year:

The Artist

The Descendants

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close

The Help


Midnight in Paris


The Tree of Life

War Horse

So far I've only seen The Tree of Life (drag), Moneyball (not bad) and Midnight in Paris (fantastic). Three down, six to go!

Happy Procrastinating!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Writing is Torture

Looking for a new procrastination activity? Try Portlandia on Netflix! I recently watched the first season of Portlandia instead of doing something else, and it was glorious. So funny! Highly recommended.

As far as those goals I wrote in my last post, I still haven't finished all of them. I did some of them. That counts for something, right? I'm gonna say yes.

I'm blogging right now because I'm taking a break from writing. Yes, I've actually been writing. And it sucks. All of it. Every word. I hate it. I hate writing sometimes. Why do I come back to it? Argh. My goal this year is to finally finish a novel. I've been writing, but I'm having a hard time not judging it immediately. That picture is of me writing. Don't I look serious? That's because I'm a serious writer.

Writing is torture in the same way that dating can be torture. Before I met my boyfriend, I went through an online dating frenzy. It was half great, half torture. It's exciting at first when you're reading profiles and chatting online and you meet up for a first date and he's actually very cute and the conversation is great. It's like with all my writing ideas. I'll get sooo excited about an idea and jot down notes on post-its and daydream about it. Maybe this is the one! But when I try to actually make it work, it becomes frustrating. The spark fizzles out quickly. Or the post-it never calls you back. You get what I'm trying to say. Sweet torture.

One of the things I realized after turning 30 last year was that I've never really finished any major writing project. Okay, maybe I did back in high school and college when I was taking writing classes and there was a deadline. I'm glad I did those projects and got the practice in, but I have yet to write something that I love and would want to send to agents. Most of the problem is I can't just sit still and write. I find plenty of ways to procrastinate. And when I do sit down to write I judge myself before the words even end up on the paper.

I must finish a project. I must. If I write a novel or screenplay and it never sells, it will be okay. I could still die happy knowing I tried and actually completed a story. But if I'm 90 years old on my death bed, and all I have to show for myself is a stack of f---ing post-it notes with ideas scrawled on them, then I will be sad. Because that will mean I never tried. A friend of mine at work feels the same way about his own writing, so we've decided to exchange pages every few weeks as a way to keep us in check. It's been helpful so far. It's also helped me to pick a project and stick with it.

So here I am, apartment all to myself, bottle of red wine cracked open and the Lady Gaga Pandora station playing in the background. Wish me luck.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Cleaning is Stupid - Part 2

My Christmas tree is staring me in the face right now, mocking me. The cleaning people came by today and the place looks great! Now we just have to organize all the crap we shoved in the closets. And put away the Christmas decorations. Ugh.

Christmas Tree - 1
Natalie - 0

Confession: part of the reason I changed the theme of this blog is because I'm secretly hoping I'll STOP procrastinating so much. I know, I know. It's ridiculous. The procrastination disease is terminal. But what the hell. If I don't stop my procrastinating ways, at least I'll get a silly blog out of it.

So here are my revised themes/goals/resolutions/whatevers for the year:

  • Make my apartment feel like a home -- I am notorious for moving into a place and never fully unpacking.
  • Feel more at peace -- I would like to learn to live in a more peaceful state of mind. Less road rage, more yoga.
  • Continue to take charge of my finances -- I've been kicking ass at paying off debts. Time to tackle savings...
  • Get in shape -- I'm tired of feeling winded when I take the stairs at work.
  • Write my novel -- I will have another blog post dedicated to this theme.

And here are my goals for the week: exercise twice for at least 30 minutes. Do some yoga. Open a savings account with the credit union at work. Write 3 pages. Pack up ornaments and take down the tree. Wish me luck!

I feel like I should now encourage my readers (all seven of you) to pick a goal for the week as well. So this is me encouraging you.

ps. I wanna take some pictures of me in a space suit and use that as the background for my Procrastonaut blog. Ooh, and I just realized I know someone who has one! This year is off to a great start already.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Cleaning is Stupid

Happy New Year! A new year, a new chance to procrastinate. Today we are avoiding cleaning. Ugh. I hate it. The boyfriend and I bought a day of maid service from LivingSocial and we are redeeming it tomorrow. The problem is we need to clean up our piles of clutter so the cleaning people can do their job. Lame. After a busy day of sleeping in, facebooking, checking email, reading, napping and surfing the web, I finally did about 15 minutes of cleaning. This means I've earned another few hours of procrastinating. Woo hoo!

Speaking of things I'm avoiding, here is a small list of resolutions I've made:
  • stop being fat
  • write a book
  • make more money

Wish me luck!