Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Nightmare Before Christmas in 4D!

Yes, you read that correctly. 4D! I can't freakin' wait. The El Capitan Theatre is showing The Nightmare Before Christmas in 3D and 4D. The 4D means there will be wind, fog, snow and other amazing wonders. It's playing throughout October and into the first week of November.

Here's the scoop:

You can buy $10 tix on Goldstar (plus $2.50 processing fee). A great deal, but you have to get there super early to get a good seat.


You can spend $23 on the VIP tix from the El Capitan Theater website. You can choose your seat in advance, and you get popcorn and a drink. The BF and I opted for this choice. I think it's worth the extra ten bucks.

You can also pay extra to eat a Pumpkin King Dinner and get a personalized photo and some other crap. Meh. Didn't really interest me.

In other Tim Burton news, this is the last month to see his exhibit at the LACMA, so do yourself a favor and go see it! It's all kinds of badass. They're also doing a lot of extra stuff during the closing weekend (Oct 29 - 31) like throwing parties and extending the hours. Check out LACMA for more info.

Photo Courtesy of the BF's iPhone. No boyfriends were hurt or eaten by monsters in the making of this photo.

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