Sunday, October 16, 2011

The House of Davids Estate Sale

So this isn't technically a Halloween post, but it does involve a house that's out of the ordinary. I have wondered for years what the inside of the House of Davids looked like (aka Norwood Young's house in Hancock Park). I was thrilled when I found out his house was for sale and I could see pictures of the home. I was even more thrilled when I found out he would be having an estate sale, and I COULD SEE THE INSIDE FOR MYSELF! That day, my friends, was today. Dreams do come true, people!

I arrived at the gates of Norwood by noon exactly. This was the time the estate sale was supposed to open on Sunday. There were about 15 others waiting to get in. The gates hadn't opened yet. How very Hollywood.

We were all getting antsy and I felt like we were outside the gates of Willy Wonka's chocolate factory--and we had the golden tickets! So exciting! And I have to say those statues of David looked much smaller in person. He had one decorated in the Christmas outfit, which made me a little sad, because this will be the first Christmas without those gawdy little statues in Santa hats.

Finally the lady came out to open the gate and we all cheered. Hurrah! Hurrah! The time has come! But she had a bit of trouble opening the gate. It was a little janky and got stuck. You know those crappy sliding closet doors that get off track? It was like that. Some dudes had to help and the whole thing was very anti-climatic. But it finally opened and the make-shift gate was quickly forgotten as we entered...

HOLY MOTHER OF GOD. It was everything I hoped it would be! Tacky magnificence! And he was selling just about everything. From a $5000 Michael Jackson hand statue to paper plates and plastic cups. Very random. The pictures really speak for themselves. Enjoy.

I think this is a Norwood puppet. I'm not entirely sure.

Giant chairs that almost reached the ceiling.

Here's a bunch of pics of the backyard. Yes, that's a giant painting of Norwood.

It's hard to see, but that's a picture of Norwood at the bottom of the pool.

All along the backyard walls was this leaf wallpaper-y stuff.
It was like a perpetual school picture day.

The Christmas section.

I kinda liked this poor little ripped up polar bear.

The infamous Christmas outfits for the David statues!

Among the Christmas decor was O.J. Simpson toilet paper, sparklers and margarita salt.

Back inside...

The giant Michael Jackson glove statue!!!

Me high-fiving the giant hand statue. FYI: That's a clothespin on my shirt for retrieving my purse at the purse check. I guess they were worried someone might sneak off with a statue in their purse.

These chairs are all facing this...

In the kitchen above I met a cute little white dog who liked having her belly rubbed. I think she belonged to Norwood. I'm pretty sure I saw a small slice of pizza in her dog bowl, which I thought was odd.

Norwood Young himself came out at one point and started putting things away that weren't supposed to be for sale. I got to meet THE Norwood Young. Hancock Park Royalty. My first sighting of him was when he politely told a woman that the tacky talking Christmas cartoon lamp thingymagig was actually not for sale (you can see it in the earlier Christmas decoration pictures). It was mistakenly put out. She was fine with that. She just thought it would be a funny Christmas chotsky. Norwood didn't want to part with it. He said the funny thing about it is when you forget to turn it off, you inevitably wake up in the middle of the night to go the bathroom and get freaked out because it talks to you. He loved that memory too much to sell it.

I couldn't believe it was Norwood! I struck up a conversation with him, asked if he was going to miss the place. He said he would, but he's going somewhere that he's really happy about. Then some crotchedy old lady walked through and added, "Some place where you'll draw a little less attention to yourself probably!"

And Norwood said, "Maybe. But I don't mind the attention. I like attention." I made sure to add, "Hey, we live in L.A. We all want some attention." Get over yourself, lady. You're at the wackiest estate sale ever. Relish in it! Don't insult the guy. He's super nice for a dude that has pictures of himself all over the place.

I asked if he was going far or staying in the area. He said he would be in L.A. for a year, mentioned something about a reality show, then he would move to the east coast. After our chat he whisked me away to a secret room where we drank fizzy lifting drinks until we floated up to the ceiling and got so dangerously close to the fan that we had to burp our way down!

Okay, that didn't happen. But it might as well have. His home was wacky and wonderful and perfect. You gotta respect a guy who has no shame in putting a bunch of David statues out front and dressing them up on occasion. I'm pretty sure the neighbors complained, but I'd rather look at those statues than a stack of old couches like MY old neighbors. In fact, I KNOW his neighbors complained, because Norwood put together this awesome music video.

I took a billion more pictures of the place, but I'm getting tired, so I will leave you with just a few more pics of the statues out front.


Hugh R Heinsohn said...


Love the "home theater" especially - the chairs are bigger than the TV set - amazing!

Two words: Tasteful elegance.

Hugh R Heinsohn said...


Love the "home theater" especially - the chairs are bigger than the TV set - amazing!

Two words: Tasteful elegance.

Queen of the Nook said...

Oh. Dear. Lord. I love this post so much I can't even find the right words.

Natalie D. said...

Hugh, it was hilarious. Tammy - I actually kept thinking that you would love this little adventure.