Sunday, September 4, 2011

It Would Be Bad If I Got Kidnapped

My laziness has been made more apparent by all the well-dressed people in my neighborhood. There are plenty of actresses, actors and models around here, and I am always amazed at how put together they are ALL THE TIME. Walking to the grocery store, taking out the trash, taking the dog for a walk. It doesn't matter how mundane the task is. They always look nice.

There's this one gal in particular who comes to mind because we are on the same dog walking schedule. I usually just roll out of bed and walk Sam first thing, so I'm wearing whatever I slept in plus a large sweatshirt (because I don't feel like putting on a bra). She always looks like a super model. Same thing goes for night-time dog walking.

This is why, if I'm walking my dog and realize I've forgotten my phone, I panic. What if I get kidnapped? That would be bad. Mostly because my boyfriend would have to give a description to the cops of what I was last seen wearing. And the write-up would go something like this:

The missing woman was last seen wearing yoga pants (even though she doesn't do yoga) and a large 2006 Smokey the Bear 5K Fun Run tee shirt. She also had on sandals with socks, presumably because she's too lazy to either take off her socks or put on real shoes.


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