Monday, January 18, 2010

Happy New Year!

What? It's already half way through January? Okay, I'm a little behind, which is a shame because I had some great Christmas shopping stories lined up, including one about seeing Paul Blart: Mall Cop on sale for $39.99. I'm not kidding!!!! 40 dollars for Paul Blart! I tried to take a picture, but the guy at the cash register was eyeing me like he thought I might steal it--like I might steal a copy of Paul Blart: Mall Cop!!!

Anyway, since then I've moved to North Hollywood and picked up some other writing jobs and creative projects. What are they? I'm glad you asked. I strongly suggest you visit:

The city directories are some websites where you can find more of my blogs. The Hot Talk L.A. website is where you can find my podcast, "113 Seconds With Natalie." Just scroll down to the Underground section and you'll find my link. Hope you like it!

I'm also in the process of re-vamping this blog completely. It's drab. I am taking suggestions.


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Brooklyn said...

Wow, you're busy. Now I have to go catch up on all the Natalie DeJohn articles!