Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Stuff My Friend and I Discuss When Unemployed

Here's a recent (and typical) texting conversation between me and a friend. Enjoy.

Tammy: Jerry Springer has a stripper showdown today and Tyra is talking about her natural hair. And we do not have real incomes?

Me: I'm in the wrong business.

Tammy: No kidding. Writing informative witty articles or teaching the youth vs. contributing to the country going down the shitter.

Me: Is it too late for me to become a stripper?

Tammy: Probably in L.A. but not in some lesser cities like Fresno. I think they start their training really early is all I'm trying to say.

Me: True. I think I'll start sending out my resume.

Tammy: And by resume you mean that YouTube clip of you dancing at the Brass Monkey after one too many cocktails.

Me: You know it. Strippers do the robot and the cabbage patch, right?

Tammy: Yeah. Just greased up and naked.

Me: I'm posting this convo on my blog.

Tammy: You can title it: Stuff My Friend and I Discuss When Unemployed.

Me: Done.

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Mrs. Treber said...

How can there really be no comments on this classic conversation? Also fyi my security word for leaving this comment is CROCK. Ha ha.