Tuesday, June 30, 2009

So I have this fantasy...

So I have this fantasy. It involves bumper to bumper traffic and dancing. I've always dreamed of getting stuck on the freeway and then all of us getting out of our cars to have a dance party or a picnic or something. Kind of like that old R.E.M. video for "Everybody Hurts" but way less depressing.

I realize logistically this might not work. For one thing the traffic needs to be completely stopped, not moving at all. I can't figure out a way for this to happen without a really bad accident taking place. And it just seems wrong to dance when people are hurt or dying. Secondly, you'd need someone with a really good sound system in their car or a way to convince everyone to turn their radios to a certain station.

Last Thursday, after I heard about Michael Jackson, I was on the 5 going north to Valencia to see some friends. So many radio stations were playing his songs and I was loving it. It was about 5pm and I started to hit some heavy traffic and I thought to myself, "Oh my God. This is it. This is the moment I've been waiting for. I know we're all listening to Michael Jackson songs right now. And traffic could get really bad. All we have to do is get out of our cars and turn the radios to the same station and start dancing...and then what if Thriller comes on?"

Then I launched into this whole new fantasy where we all did the dance from Thriller (flawlessly of course) and the news helicopters flew over the freeway to capture the amazing moment. It would have been perfection. But traffic actually started moving again! Noooooooooooooooooo! I have never in my life wanted traffic to stop so badly. Okay, maybe the Thriller choreography was a stretch, but I definitely could have started a dance party on the freeway. Sigh. One day, my friends. One day.


Brooklyn said...

maybe you need to send your idea to the Improv Everywhere people. http://improveverywhere.com/ then the fantasy can become a reality, and you can be there to drink it all in and dance dance dance.

nicorette said...

i have the same dream to dance in traffic! hehe