Tuesday, August 5, 2014

And So It Begins...

And so it begins...

Costume prep

This weekend Carolina and I got an early start on our costumes.

A fantastic mess

Those are the only pictures I'm revealing at the moment, mostly because I'm not loving the first draft of my costume. Just gotta keep reminding myself I still have plenty of time. I don't want it to look like a kid's school project gone wrong! I'm also working on a secret element to my costume that I won't show you till Halloween. It has potential to be pretty badass though!

I will say I'm proud that we're getting such an early start. I think normally we wait till September and then we're scrambling all of October to get them finished. The scramble can be kind of exciting, but I always feel like I don't have enough time to do all the Halloweeny stuff I want to do (spooky movie night, haunted houses, gorge myself on candy corn, etc etc).

Also, I am this close to officially turning this into a year-round Halloween blog since that's what most of my posts are about, but if I do that I want to use a completely different format. Is anyone out there familiar with using tumblr or some other cooler blogging platform? Blogger isn't doing it for me anymore.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Halloween Costume Reveal...

I think I'm ready to reveal my Halloween costume for 2014! I have to say, I'm kinda nervous to announce it. I don't like to publicly put it out there unless I plan to fully commit to the costume. I have a certain vision for this costume, and it's going to be a challenge. I'm worried it might not turn out right. I know, I know. There's plenty of time, I can always change my mind, nobody cares, blah blah blah. The Halloween part of my brain just makes me downright nutty. I had this email exchange with my coworker the other day:

HIM: What's the verdict on your Halloween costume this year?

ME: Oh man, I'm getting really excited. But I have some hesitations. But I think I'm going with this idea that's been brewing in my brain. But I'm afraid to say it out loud! But I probably will soon...I aM a CraZy PeRsoN.

HIM: Yes, yes your are. But we love you for it.

Okay, are you ready for the big reveal? Drum roll, please...badabadabadabadabada...

I'm going as the Mystery Science Theater 3000 silhouette!!!

Okay, hear me out. I know it sounds weird. I was inspired by some costumes I saw online where people cut out the MST3K silhouette from black poster board and wore it on their backs like a backpack. Yes, this means I'll be wearing another costume where the back is the coolest part, but I have a few other ideas up my sleeve. I'll also be wearing the Gizmonic Institute jumpsuit, which the lovely and talented designer Carolina will be making because she is as crazy about Halloween costuming as I am!

Eek!!! Okay, I'm getting really excited for Halloween now. Like REALLY excited. I've already had two friends tell me they've chosen their costumes. I love, love, love hearing that! I know I've talked about how I became such a fan of Halloween, but lately I've been trying to come up with a good way to describe just how happy it makes me. The only thing I can compare it to is having a crush on someone. You know when you wake up on a day that you know you'll be seeing your crush and you can't help but feel insanely happy? That's what it's like. So basically I have a crush on Halloween. 

Welcome to Crazy Town. Population: me.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Halfway to Halloween

Check out Spirit Halloween's big online sale!
The other day I logged onto Facebook, and Spirit Halloween alerted me that we are HALFWAY TO HALLOWEEN! My happiness levels rose exponentially. Less than six months away! Yes!!! I can't even begin to tell you how happy this makes me. My favorite time of year is May through October--the best six months ever! Summertime and Halloween! Okay, I'll quit it with all the exclamation marks. My point is I got Halloween on the brain and I can't stop thinking about it.

Halloween is on a freakin' Friday this year, too. So much to plan. I've got a few costume ideas floating around in my mind, but there is one in particular I'm getting excited about. Too early to commit, of course. I prefer waiting till midsummer to do that. This will definitely be a challenge to put together, which I'm excited about, but it also makes me nervous. It has potential to look like a failed grade school art project if I'm not careful. Gotta give myself time to practice a few different approaches. Are you getting curious???

I actually had a Halloween costume nightmare last night. I dreamed that I was at a Halloween party and I was about to put on my costume when I realized I hated it. I had asked my friend Carolina to make me a Peter Pan costume. She did a great job, but I took one final look at it and thought, 'Why the f--- did I decide to be Peter Pan for Halloween?' It was so unoriginal and so not me. On top of that I forgot to get a wig and shoes. I didn't even want to show my face at the party. It was a true Halloween disaster. Thank God it was just a dream.

Wow, I sound like a crazy person.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Procrastination Success

I have been very successful with procrastinating lately. I haven't written a blog post in over two months! I guess I'm due. I'm taking requests for blog topics. Leave me a note or an email and tell me something to write about. In the meantime, here's a picture of me getting hit by Ecto 1. Don't ask.

Friday, February 28, 2014

February Meditation Challenge - Final Day!

Image courtesy of tiverylucky / FreeDigitalPhotos.net
Welp, I did it. I meditated every day. I also finally attended a meditation session outside of my own bedroom. My friend and I went to the Kadampa Meditation Center on Wednesday, which I will admit, was more Buddhist-y than I expected, but I still enjoyed it. I was super nervous for some reason, and I was definitely more distracted than normal (which is funny, considering the talk afterward was about distractions). As soon as I closed my eyes my skin was itchy and something was in my eye and I needed to scoot back in my seat and I wanted to cross my legs and my throat was dry etc etc. I just didn't want to be the dick who made a bunch of noise and caused a bunch of distractions for other people. But eventually I got focused, and it was very relaxing. I still plan on checking out more meditation places like InsightLA and UCLA's mindfulness program.

My final thoughts: I like meditation. It took a while to get going. I don't always feel benefits immediately. However, as I've mentioned before, consistent meditation has brought a sense of acceptance into my life (of myself and the world around me). And it helps keep me in the present moment. All in all, I think it's a good habit, and I plan to keep doing it.

That is all.

Happy Meditating!

Friday, February 21, 2014

February Meditation Challenge - Day 21

My dog, meditating next to me
Wow! Three weeks! I've managed to meditate every morning so far. One more week to go. I have to say, I think I will keep up the habit even after the month is over. I'm starting to like the effects it's having on me. I've noticed myself spending more time in the present moment. For example, I went to see a movie the other day with a friend and I found my thoughts wandering all over the place, thinking about the future or things I needed to get at the grocery store, etc. I reminded myself to come back to the present moment and enjoy my time in the theater, watching a movie, eating popcorn, spending time with a friend. It was much more pleasant than thinking about random future events.

I also find myself choosing acceptance more often, instead of ruminating on feelings or events I don't like. The people who create these guided meditations are constantly talking about coming back to the present moment, while still accepting our thoughts and feelings. I think it just seeps into my brain after listening to it every morning, so now it's becoming more of a habit. It's like healthy brainwashing. Yay for building helpful habits!

 Other stuff:

Happy Meditating!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

February Meditation Challenge - Day 12

Photo Courtesy of Marin / FreeDigitalPhotos.net
I'm almost halfway through this challenge, so I suppose I'm due for an update. Although I don't feel like I have a whole lot to say. I'm still meditating every morning when I get up. Here are some scattered thoughts on the topic:

  • I definitely have to sit up straight with my legs crossed for meditation. It's the only way I'll pay attention. Once or twice I've tried to "cheat" and just listen to a meditation while I'm lying in bed. Never works. I always just fall back asleep.
  • I'm still meditating for about 10 - 12 minutes. Anything longer just seems like a drag, but my goal is to add a few minutes. I want to try 15 minutes every morning.
  • I think there might be a market for Menstrual Meditations. You know, meditations for that week when everyone is pissing you off for no reason. This is my latest money-making idea.
  • I like the idea of not labeling my thoughts and feelings, but just accepting them as they come. This is discussed a lot in meditation, and I think it can be applied to real life. Like if I'm angry about something, I'm not usually just angry. I'm angry, then I feel guilty for feeling angry, or annoyed that I'm angry or I think I shouldn't be angry, or I'm angry that I feel guilty for feeling angry, and it just spirals on and on. Better to just accept the anger. It's easier to move on that way. Labeling the anger as good or bad or wrong or right just seems to make it last longer.
  • There have been a number of weird, sad events that happened to people around me this week and it has put me in a really strange, somber mood. I'm interested to see how meditation will play into this.
  • I still haven't checked out a meditation class yet! Putting it on my to-do list for the weekend.

I guess I had more to say than I thought. I'll leave you with this hilarious Honey Badger meditation I found. I love that it's a full 30 minutes.